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We've helped many people with low credit scores in the past to secure car finance. We can't guarantee an approval for all applicants unfortunately, but we have many reputable lenders on our books that will help people with recent missed payments, for example.

Your credit score is a tool used by lenders to help determine how you qualify for car finance. You can look at your credit score by logging on to ClearScore. ClearScore gives you a free up-to-date view of your credit file. Your score is based on your previous financial credit and how you've managed to make the payments on such things as credit cards, loans, car finance, mobile phones, and in some circumstances utility bills. It is important that people check their credit history on occasion as there can be cases of errors, fraud or identity theft which can negatively affect your credit score. Checking your credit history will give you an indication of the standing of your personal credit rating. For instance, if you have made all of your credit payments in full and on time, then your overall credit file should be excellent. This means you should be able to attract more lenders with lower rates.

If your credit history is less than excellent, we can still help with our poor credit lenders with a custom rate for your circumstances. We will be able to source a finance plan with the finance companies even if you have CCJ's, bankruptcy, defaults or arrears. Whatever the situation, most subprime lenders handle cases on an individual basis, so factors such as marriage, employment and earnings will all be assessed to give you the best possible lend and rate.

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